The Cybersecurity Center is dedicated to developing the capacity for keeping data secure and private throughout its lifetime, a core focus of Columbia's Data Science Institute. The Center will bring together and build upon the research of the departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, and the work of the Columbia Business School, among others. By way of example, in the past year, Columbia startups such as CellRox have been launched based on technology related to digital security. The Center will be housed on the Morningside campus.

Major Equipment/Resources

• Simcity Cloud: 48 x (8-core processors, 24 GB RAM) + 30 TB, Fibre Channel
• Simlab Cluster: 8 x (8-core processors, 24 GB RAM, 1 TB RAID)
• CLIClab Cluster: 36 x (8-core processors, 24 GB RAM, 1 TB RAID)
• Synopsys toolchain, architecture simulators etc.

Affiliated Faculty (View All)

Featured Research



Steven Bellovin:

Vasilis Pappas, Fernando Krell, Binh Vo, Vlad Kolesnimov, Tal Malkin, Seung Geol Choi, Wesley George, Angelos Keromytis, and Steven M. Bellovin. Blind seer: A scalable private DBMS. In IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, May 2014. To appear.

Matthew Waxman:

Self-Defensive Force Against Cyber Attacks: Legal, Strategic and Political Dimensions (2013)

Roxana Geambasu:

vTube: Efficient Streaming of Virtual Appliances Over Last-Mile Networks (2013)

Soumitra Sethumadhavan:

FANCI: Identification of Stealthy Malicious Logic Using Boolean Functional Analysis (2013)

Tal Malkin:

BiTR: Built-in Tamper Resilience (2011)

Current Collaborators

AT&T Labs Research, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, DARPA, NSF, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
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