Financial and Business Analytics

The Financial and Business Analytics Center is a community of over 40 affiliated faculty researchers from nine departments across the Schools of Art & Science, Business and Engineering sharing a common goal: to develop analytical and computational tools to manage risk and to support decisions using the growing volume and variety of data available on the Internet and elsewhere.

Research thrust areas currently include: systemic risks in financial systems and other interdependent critical infrastructures, insurance risk and natural disasters, risk hedging and mitigation for global supply chains, economic fluctuations and uncertainty, consumer/marketing analytics, supply chain analytics, analytics for healthcare delivery, and analytic entrepreneurship.

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Select Publications, Working Papers/Projects

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  • Gallego, G., R. Ratliff, and Shebalov, S. A General Attraction Model and Sales-based Linear Program for Network Revenue Management under Customer Choice. Working paper 2012.
  • Glasserman, P., and Young. H.P., How Likely is Contagion in Financial Networks
  • Journal of Banking and Finance, to appear.
  • Haugh, M.B. and C. Wang. Dynamic Portfolio Execution and Information Relaxations. SIAM Journal of Financial Mathematics, to appear.
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  • Jurado, K., Ludvigson, S.C., and Ng, S. Measuring Uncertainty. Working paper (2013)
  • Kim, S.H., C.W. Chan, M. Olivares, and G. Escobar, ICU Admission Control: An Empirical Study of Capacity Allocation and its Implication on Patient Outcomes. Working paper 2013.
  • Protter, P. A Mathematical Theory of Financial Bubbles, Paris-Princeton Lecture Notes in Mathematical Finance, Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics 2081, 1-108, 2013.
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