Smart Cities

Research conducted by the Smart Cities Center develops and monitors sustainable urban infrastructure and buildings, improves the power supply through smart grid technology, detects and counteracts problems with aging urban infrastructure, calculates and communicates optimal transportation routes under congested traffic conditions, and deploys ubiquitous sensing devices to facilitate everyday activities in a crowded urban environment. The Center is housed on the Morningside campus.

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Featured Research

"The Listening Machine - Sound Source Organization for Multimedia Understanding" is an NSF-funded project at LabROSA concerned with separating and recognizing acoustic sources in complex, real-world mixtures.
This project aims at using NLP to analyze large amounts of textual and speech data (an in particular interactive data) to find relations among people, and between people and propositions (such as sentiment or belief), and to identify when such relations change in an unexpected manner.
The enormous growth in the number of official documents - many of them withheld from scholars and journalists even decades later - has raised serious concerns about whether traditional research methods are adequate for ensuring government accountability. But the millions of documents that have been released, often in digital form, also create opportunities to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and statistical/machine learning to explore the historical record in very new ways.


Andrew Smyth

An investigation of the effects of traffic induced local dynamics on global damping estimates using operational modal analysis (2013)

Patricia Culligan (Institute Associate Director)

Forecasting energy consumption of multi-family residential buildings using support vector regression: Investigating the impact of temporal and spatial monitoring granularity on performance accuracy (2014)

Steven Feiner

Addressing information overload in urban augmented reality applications (2013)

Ester Fuchs

Governing the Twenty-First Century City (2012)

Ioannis (John) Kymissis

A 2.5D Integrated Voltage Regulator Using Coupled-Magnetic-Core Inductors on Silicon Interposer (2013)

Upmanu Lall

Intrinsic modulation of ENSO predictability viewed through a local Lyapunov lens (2013)

Richard Plunz

Intrinsic modulation of ENSO predictability viewed through a local Lyapunov lens (2013)
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