Research Centers

Computing Systems for Data-Driven Science

The Center for Computing Systems for Data-Driven Science aims to explore the design, analysis and application of massive-scale computing systems for processing data, in the most general sense. The goal is to address the underlying systems aspects of Big Data—including data processing, storage and retrieval—which are central to some of the key research and societal challenges of the 21st Century.


The Cybersecurity Center is dedicated to developing the capacity for keeping data secure and private throughout its lifetime, a core focus of Columbia's Data Science Institute. The Center will bring together and build upon the research of the departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, and the work of the Columbia Business School, among others. By way of example, in the past year, Columbia startups such as CellRox have been launched based on technology related to digital security. The Center will be housed on the Morningside campus.

Data, Media & Society

The Center for Data, Media & Society (formerly Center for New Media) is interested in the human in data. It is comprised of students and faculty who are engaged in both creative as well as research practices grounded in data. We study the ways in which we can use data to understand human behavior, and we address questions about how data and data processing are shaping how we work, how we live, and what it means to be person in a networked, digitized world.

Financial and Business Analytics

The Financial and Business Analytics Center is a community of over 40 affiliated faculty researchers from nine departments across the Schools of Art & Science, Business and Engineering sharing a common goal: to develop analytical and computational tools to manage risk and to support decisions using the growing volume and variety of data available on the Internet and elsewhere.

Foundations of Data Science

To support and amplify the study of five specific markets – Cybersecurity, Financial Analytics, Health Analytics, New Media and Smart Cities, which all lie at the center of New York City's innovation economy, the Institute also will conduct core research on problems that cut across the data sciences and engineering. The research will focus on formal and mathematical models for data processing, as well as on issues concerning the engineering of large-scale data processing systems.

Health Analytics

The Health Analytics Center builds upon the work of teams of Columbia researchers drawn from the fields of medicine, biology, public health, informatics, computer science, applied mathematics, and statistics. The mission of the center is to improve the health of individuals and the healthcare system through data-driven methods and understanding of health processes. The Health Analytics Center is located at the Columbia University Medical Center.

Sense, Collect and Move Data

The Sense, Collect and Move Data research center brings together researchers working in the physical aspects of sensing, generating, collecting, storing, transporting and processing large data sets. These capabilities constitute one of the foundational technologies that enable myriad data applications with benefits that scale from human beings to society.

Smart Cities

Research conducted by the Smart Cities Center develops and monitors sustainable urban infrastructure and buildings, improves the power supply through smart grid technology, detects and counteracts problems with aging urban infrastructure, calculates and communicates optimal transportation routes under congested traffic conditions, and deploys ubiquitous sensing devices to facilitate everyday activities in a crowded urban environment. The Center is housed on the Morningside campus.

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