Connect with Columbia Data Science Students

In keeping with its interdisciplinary nature, Columbia Data Science students are drawn from diverse backgrounds and many of whom have been active in the workforce and instrumental in fields involving data sciences. This allows them, according to Professor Chris Wiggins, to “blend the hackers’ arts… statistics and machine learning… and the expertise in mathematics and the domain of the data to be analyzed.”

Columbia Engineering Student

The Institute’s Industry Affiliates Program identifies and facilitates opportunities for companies to interact with and recruit students. These may include:  

  • Recruiting events such as career fairs and tech talks. 
  • Pre-event publicity. 
  • Affiliate-only information sessions in which company representatives can present more general information about working at the company.  
  • Informal events with students. 
  • Job and recruitment opportunity postings. 
  • Assistance in scheduling interviews with students and identifying suitable rooms for them to take place. 
  • Opportunity to host competitions for faculty and students (with affiliate bearing any additional costs for prizes). The Institute will facilitate the internal communications and dissemination of such competitions. 
  • Opportunity to participate in the Institute's mentorship program which matches an affiliate scientist as a mentor for a student of interest. 
  • Opportunity for industry members to participate in our planned capstone project course (beginning in spring 2015), which may include giving lectures, providing access to data (under appropriate agreement), and recommending specific research problems to analyze. 
  • Opportunity to brand student events, competitions and other programs throughout the academic year.

If you would like to be introduced to specific students or have questions pertaining to recruiting, please contact

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