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Suzanne R. Bakken

Alumni Professor

Suzanne Bakken, RN, PhD, FAAN, FACMI, is the Alumni Professor of Nursing and Professor of Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University. Following doctoral study in nursing at the University of California, San Francisco, she completed a National Library of Medicine postdoctoral fellowship in Medical Informatics at Stanford University. The goal of Dr. Bakken’s program of research is to promote health and reduce...

Guillaume Bal


Research Specialtyapplied mathematics, partial differential equations with random coefficients, theory of inverse problemsEducationDiploma, Ecole Polytechnique, 1993Ph.D. University Paris VI, 1997Recent PublicationsFull Publications ListOther recent publicationsOn Multi-spectral quantitative photoacoustic tomography (with K. Ren), Inverse Problems, 28, 025010, 2012Non-uniqueness result for a hybrid inverse problem (...

Peter Shawn Bearman

Jonathan R. Cole Professor

Peter Bearman is the Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Innovative Theories and Empirics (INCITE), the Cole Professor of Social Science, and Co-Director of the Health & Society Scholars Program. A recipient of the NIH Director's Pioneer Award in 2007, Bearman is currently investigating the social determinants of the autism epidemic.A specialist in network analysis, he co-designed the National...

Steven Michael Bellovin

Percy K. and Vida L. W. Hudson Professor

I'm a professor in the Computer Science department at Columbia University. I joined the faculty here after many years at AT&T Labs Research in Florham Park, New Jersey. I do research on networks, security and why the two don't get along.In 2001, I was elected to the National Academy of Engineering. I was awarded the 2007 NIST/NSANational Computer Systems Security Award.I'm the co-author, with Bill Cheswick, of...

Emanuel Ben-David


Emanuel Ben-David is an Assistance Professor in the Department Statistics at Columbia University in New York City. His research interests are mainly in statistical learning, graphical model, social networks and causal models. His research often involves developing theoretical tools for learning patterns and structures in high dimensional data. Emanuel Ben-David was a research postdoc in the Department of Statistics...

Omar Besbes

Associate Professor

Teaching and research interest Omar Besbes is an Associate Professor in the Decision, Risk and Operations division at the Graduate School of Business, Columbia University. He teaches the core MBA Operations Management course as well as an MBA elective on advanced Business Analytics. His primary research interests are in the area of decision-making under model uncertainty with a focus on applications in e-commerce,...

Raimondo Betti

Chair & Professor

Professor Raimondo Betti received his Laurea degree magna cum laude in Civil Engineering from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in 1985 and his Master of Science in Structural Mechanics (1988) and PhD in Civil Engineering (1991) from the University of Southern California. In the fall of 1991, Dr. Betti joined the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at Columbia University as an Assistant...

Daniel Bienstock


Daniel Bienstock is a professor in operations research and applied mathematics at Columbia Engineering, where he has been since 1989. Before joining Columbia, he was a researcher at the Combinatorics and Optimization Group at Bell Communications Research (1986-1989), and an assistant professor at GSIA, Carnegie Mellon University (1985-1986). Bienstock focuses on optimization, with a special interest in discrete and...

Jose Blanchet

Assistant Professor

Professor Jose Blanchet joined the IEOR Department in 2008, he received his Ph.D. in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University in 2004. Prior to joining Columbia he was a faculty member in the Statistics Department at Harvard University, where he taught for nearly four years. Professor Blanchet worked for two years at Protego Financial Advisors, a leading investment bank in Mexico. Blanchet's...

David Blei


David Blei will join Columbia in Fall 2014 as a Professor of Computer Science and Statistics. His research involves probabilistic topic models, Bayesian nonparametric methods, and approximate posterior inference. He works on a variety of applications, including text, images, music, social networks, user behavior, and scientific data. David earned his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Brown...

Maura Boldrini

Associate Professor of Neurobiology

In the Boldrini laboratory, research focuses on studying adult neurogenesis and angiogenesis in the human brain, which are mechanisms of structural plasticity occurring in mammals including humans, that are necessary for learning and coping, and for treatment response. We study stem cells and their progeny in the human adult brain and the molecular expression profile associated with the cellular changes, in the...

Albert G. Boulanger

Senior Staff Associate

Albert Boulanger (M.S. CS Univ. of Illinois 1983) has been at CU since 1994 and is Senior Staff Associate with the Center for Computational Learning Systems (CCLS) of Columbia University. Prior to that, Albert was a research scientist at Bolt, Beranek and Newman. Albert has played multiple technical and oversight roles in several Con Edison projects while at Columbia. He is valued for his ability to maintain a...

DuBois Bowman

Chair & Professor

DuBois Bowman, PhD, has built an active research program involving the development of biostatistical methods for brain imaging data, including functional magnetic resonance imaging, diffusion tensor imaging, and positron emission tomography. Dr. Bowman's research spans numerous substantive areas including Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, depression, schizophrenia, and cocaine addiction, among others, and...

Mark Nathan Broadie

Carson Family Professor

Professor Broadie currently teaches the elective courses Security Pricing: Models and Computation, Computational Finance, and Programming for Business Research. He is the Research Director for the Program for Financial Studies. His research interests include the pricing of derivative securities, risk management and, more generally, quantitative methods for decision-making under uncertainty. Broadie is the financial...

Lewis M. Brown

Research Scientist

As Director of the Quantitative Proteomics Center at Columbia University my work focuses on the identification of proteins with differential quantitative expression in cells, tissues or in affinity purifications. We have applied this technique employing mass spectrometry to many different research problems. A wide variety of proteomes can be processed including cells, tissues, organelles, biofluids, and affinity...

Michael P. Burke

Assistant Professor

Michael Burke is currently a Director’s Postdoctoral Fellow at Argonne National Laboratory; he will be joining the faculty at Columbia University in July 2014 as an assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering and affiliated member of the Data Science Institute. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University, where he studied the flame properties and chemical kinetics of high-...

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