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Asaaf Zeevi


Assaf Zeevi is the Henry Kravis Professor of Business at the Graduate School of Business, Columbia University. His research is broadly focused on the formulation and analysis of mathematical models of complex systems. He is particularly interested in the areas of stochastic modeling and statistics, and their synergistic application to problems arising in service operations, revenue management, and financial services...

Chaolin Zhang

Assistant Professor

Chaolin Zhang uses a combination of computational and experimental methods to infer RNA regulatory networks in the nervous system. In particular, he is interested in characterizing the regulatory networks that specify neuronal cell types, and how these networks can be compromised in certain pathologic contexts, such as neurodegenerative diseases and brain tumors.Lab website:http://zhanglab.c2b2.columbia.edu

Tian Zheng

Associate Professor

Tian Zheng is associate professor of Statistics at Columbia University. She obtained her PhD from Columbia in 2002. Her research is to develop novel methods and improve existing methods for exploring and analyzing interesting patterns in complex data from different application domains. Her current projects are in the fields of statistical genetics, bioinformatics and computational biology, feature selection and...

Yuan Zhong

Assistant Professor

Professor Yuan Zhong joined the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research in 2013. Before coming to Columbia, he spent one year as a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Computer Science Department at UC Berkeley. He received a Ph.D in Operations Research from MIT in 2012, an M.A in Mathematics from Caltech in 2008, and a B.A in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge in 2006. Professor Zhong is...

Jose Zubizarreta

Assistant Professor

Professor Zubizarreta teaches statistics to MBA and PhD students. From a methodological perspective his research focuses on new statistical methods for causal inference in randomized experiments and observational studies. From a substantive point of view, he is very interested in using these methods to address questions in health care and public policy. Besides the Division of Decision, Risk and Operations,...

Gil Zussman

Associate Professor

Gil Zussman is associate professor of electrical engineering at Columbia Engineering. His research interests are in the area of wireless networks. Zussman has served on the editorial boards of IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications and of Ad Hoc Networks, and as the Technical Program Committee chair of IFIP Performance 2011. He is a recipient of the Fulbright Fellowship and the Marie Curie Outgoing...

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