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Columbia Engineering Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program

  • SEAS Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program
  • Columbia Engineering Mentorship Program:

The Columbia Engineering Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program is sponsored by the Entrepreneurship Advisory Board as one of several integrated programs in the Center for Technology, Innovation and Community Engagement that seek to create a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation at Columbia Engineering. The mentorship program matches Columbia Engineering-educated business leaders with young entrepreneurs from across Columbia University.  The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students, recent graduates, faculty and staff of Columbia University.

Mentoring Resources at the Center for Advanced Technology

Other Mentoring Resources

  • InSite: InSITE is an entrepreneurial mentorship program that brings together top students from Columbia and NYU Business and Law schools to support New York entrepreneurs in the development of their businesses and their pursuit of venture capital and angel investments. 
    Click here for InSITE


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