Christoph Meinrenken

Earth Institute

Associate Research Scientist

Earth and Environmental Engineering
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Christoph Meinrenken is an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering, associate research scientist at the Earth Institute/Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy, and affiliate of the Foundations of Data Science Center at Columbia University's Data Science Institute. His research focuses on computer modeling to elucidate and improve the technological and economic performance of low carbon energy systems. Recent and current research projects include electricity arbitrage in smart buildings (NSF, NYSERDA, NIST), electrification of the transportation sector, synthetic fuels (ABB, Electricity de France), and automated product carbon footprinting (PepsiCo Inc.).

Before joining Columbia, Meinrenken worked on modeling molecular spectra (MSE, Princeton University, 1996) and computational neuroscience (PhD Physics, Max Planck Institute, 2001). In addition to academic research and teaching, Meinrenken spent several years in the private sector, specializing in financial engineering and risk management.


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