Junfeng Yang

Computer Science

Assistant Professor


My research centers on making reliable and secure systems (one-page research statement). Some of my current projects involve efficient and reliable multithreading, tools for the cloud, and operating systems support for reliability. After getting a B.S. from Tsinghua University, I earned my PhD in Dawson Engler's group at Stanford, where I created eXplode, a general, lightweight system for effectively finding storage system errors. This work has led to an OSDI best paper award, numerous bug fixes to real systems such as the Linux kernel, and a featured article in Linux Weekly news. In 2008, I worked at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley, extending eXplode to check production distributed systems. MoDist, the resultant system, is being transferred to Microsoft product groups. I'm now co-directing the Software Systems Lab (SSL) at Columbia University, where my recent work on reliable multithreading was featured in sites such as ACM Tech News. I won the Sloan Research Fellowship and the AFOSR YIP award, both in 2012; and the NSF CAREER award in 2011.

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