Rachel Schutt


Adjunct Assistant Professor


Dr. Rachel Schutt is the Senior Vice President of Data Science at News Corp. Rachel earned her PhD in Statistics from Columbia University, and was a statistician at Google Research for several years. She is an adjunct professor in Columbia’s Department of Statistics where she teaches Introduction to Data Science, and a founding member of the Education Committee for the Data Science Institute at Columbia. She has a Masters degree in mathematics from NYU, and a Masters degree in Engineering-Economic Systems and Operations Research from Stanford University. Her undergraduate degree is in Honors Mathematics from the University of Michigan. Rachel is the co-author of the forthcoming book “Doing Data Science” to be published by O’Reilly in October, 2013.Her research interests include statistical modeling, exploratory data analysis, machine learning algorithms, social networks, and defining Data Science as an academic discipline, as well as the ethical dimensions of Data Science. She is also interested in figuring out the most effective ways to teach and train the next generation of data scientists.

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