Rebecca J. Passonneau

Center for Computational Learning Systems

Director, Senior Research Scientist

Rebecca Passonneau is the Director of Columbia University's Center for Computational Learning Systems (CCLS), where she is also a Senior Research Scientist in computational linguistics. She is an affiliated member of the Data Science Institute. Her research addresses how the same combination of words has different meanings in different contexts. This question is fundamental to human and machine cognition, and underlies every application of computational linguistics. Her recent work looks at three concepts: meaning and action in human-machine dialogue, data mining that links textual and non-textual sources, and word sense annotation and representation. She received a Ph.D. from the Department of Linguistics at the University of Chicago in 1985. Becky has worked and consulted at many industry and academic research labs, including the Paoli Research Center, Bellcore, the Educational Testing Service, AT&T Research Labs, and the University of Maryland. She has over 100 publications in journals and refereed conference proceedings, and has been a Principal Investigator or co-Principal Investigator on 15 sponsored projects with funding from 10 sources, including government agencies or corporate sponsors.

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