Stuart R. Gaffin

Earth Institute, Center for Climate Systems Research

Research Scholar

Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
Adjunct Associate Professor

Stuart Gaffin is a Research Scientist at the Center for Climate Systems Research, Columbia University. Prior to joining Columbia in 2001, he was a senior scientist in the Atmosphere Program at the Environmental Defense Fund, NYC from 1989. His Ph.D. was in Atmospheric and Paleoclimate Studies from the former Earth Systems Group at New York University.His current and recent areas of research include: (i) the urban heat island effect and the role of high-albedo and urban vegetation/green infrastructure (especially green roofs) as mitigation strategies; (ii) applications of New York city regional climate impacts including temperature, precipitation, extreme events and sea level rise; (iii) greenhouse gas emissions scenarios and their relation to regional population changes and (iv) downscaling and high-resolution projection techniques for socio-economic projections including population and GDP growth.

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