Automating Case Law Analysis

Understanding legal precedents is critical to prosecutors and defense lawyers in plotting their strategy at trial and predicting the trial's outcome. In a project for Synergic Partners (now integrated within LUCA, Telefonica Data Unit), a consulting firm in Spain, this team used case law from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to develop an interactive system for analyzing the data. They demonstrated that the dashboard they developed could be connected to an external database to pull in additional information to complement the UNODC’s data. The team used Python, Kibana, Elastic Search and Shiny toexplore, validate and visualize their data and results.

Students: Lin He, Mandeep Singh, Bella Wang and Barbara Welsh. 


The interactive dashboard above provides an overview of the 1,940 criminal cases in the UNODC’s database and includes country in which charges were filed and highest court in which the accused faced trial. The filtered results above summarize cases involving criminal intent.


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